In the years I’ve been writing I’ve had four books published, written ad copy, appeal letters, brochures, blog entries, product descriptions, web content, scripts, had several short stories featured in various online journals. Please see below to view a list of some recent projects, followed by three writing samples. (This may be a little hard to read on a smartphone.)

Wright Projects

Here is a sample from my latest book, entitled "Why Go On: Connecticut Residents Bring Dark Days to Light"

Why Go On Introduction

Click on the book cover if you're interested in learning more about "Why Go On." This was a fascinating and incredible project to work on, and one I will never forget. Several of these individuals I still keep in touch with, and consider them my friends. Many of them have said that telling their story was an important part of their personal evolution. It is healthy to share our stories - and it is vital to listen to the stories of others!