Websites are getting more and more awesome, with so many cool features!

However, not everyone needs every bell and whistle available. And many don't have a big budget. Others would like the freedom to make their own changes.

I create Squarespace website that look great and can be changed easily with a little training (if necessary). This is a perfect solution for those on a limited budget who still want an awesome website.

This website you're looking at was created with Google's FREE website creator. It's not the fanciest, but did I mention it's FREE? If you're on the slimmest of slim budgets, I can help you put it together

Email me at: if you'd like to learn more.

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Woodbury Chamber of Commerce

The Woodbury Chamber of Commerce (of which I'm a member) was brand new. Time was of the essence - they needed a website, fast.

I created a website, Facebook and Instagram page up for them within a day or two.

Washington Environmental Council

I've had a long relationship with WEC, helping them produce newsletters, press releases, and much more. WEC directors had a hard time updating their previous website, so I set up this Squarespace site to make it easy for anyone to go in and make changes.

Diane Lash Decker, Author

As I type this, I'm still putting the final touches on Diane's website. Soon, this children's book author's website up and ready for sales. Yes, you can sell items directly on your website and it's SO easy.